Video Poker Game Play

If you are tired of usual poker games, you can get a new gambling experience playing video poker. With it, there is no reason to play against other gamblers if you want to enjoy your favorite game. Plus, consider that it’s possible to develop your own winning strategy to get better chances of making a scoop. More gambling strategies and peculiarities are highligheted by owr friend Katie Wager in her blog.

Playing Video Poker

  1. Select the right gambling machine. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to play in an online casino or a real gambling hall. Your task is to choose the machine with the most generous payouts. You can always check out this information on the payout table. To get access to it, please, use the main menu of a machine.
    • Always look for fair and high-paying machines. Elsewise, you’ll lose your money within several seconds.
  2. Choose the desired game. Although there are a lot of video poker options, you should select only the most popular ones. “Jacks or Better” is a great option to start with. In addition, this game is perfect for beginners and people, who are afraid of risk.
    • In case you can’t find “Jacks or Better” in the chosen casino, try to start playing a Game King machine. As a rule, it should provide such a game.
  3. Prepare your funds. Usually, machines support different banking methods including special coins and cards. You just need your cash or credit card to deposit to them. After the gambling session, you’ll be able to exchange the casino coins into real money.
  4. Make a wager. There is no reason to use all your money to make only one bet. The machines offer you the possibility to choose the value of your wager with the help of special buttons. Also, some of them feature the “Max Bet” tool, which will help you bet as much money as possible. Remember that the higher the wager is, the more generous reward you’ll get.
    • It’s always a great idea to make maximum bets. Such an attitude will help you win a jackpot or, at least, break even.
  5. Start the game by pressing the “Deal” button. After it, you’ll get five cards. You can click on one of them to keep it. The double click will remove a card. In case you don’t have the desired pairs or winning combinations, you can unselect each of your cards. Consider that it’s possible to press the “Deal” button only twice for every hand.
    • The “Deal” button will remove the unwanted cards and give you new ones. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the combinations necessary to make a scoop.
    • Bear in mind that a machine won’t automatically hold a winning hand for you until you enable the “Auto Hold” feature. Plus, remember to examine your hand carefully before pressing the “Deal” button.
  6. Receive your reward. As soon as you get a winning hand, a machine will congratulate you and provide you with the winnings. The money will go right up to your credits. When you finish your gambling session, you’ll be ready to collect all your winnings.
    • In case you’ve used coins, the machine will give you more similar units or a paper with the value of your winnings on it.
    • If you have used a special club card provided by your casino, your reward will be deposited into it.